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Jessie M. King Art Images

Jessie M. King's illustrations to Seven Happy Days, The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde (A House of Pomegranates) and more. You can also read Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales with the Jessie King illustrations alongside.

About Jessie M. King Jessie M. King is known for her Art Nouveau style (Glascow School) drawings but she also designed jewelry, greeting cards, fabric, ceramics and batik textiles, and especially, murals.

Jessie was born in Bearsden, Glasgow, and, despite her family's disapproval, studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1892 to 1899 with the intention of becoming an art teacher. Between 1899 and 1907, she did teach courses in book and ceramic decoration at Glascow School. In 1920, she and her husband moved the Sheiling Atelier Art School from Paris to Kircudbright in southwest Scotland, and the couple lived and worked there for the rest of their lives.

King's Seven Happy Days illustrations were intentionally pastel and soft. The pale colors of King's work are not all intentional, however. The illustrations to A House of Pomegranates are quite vibrant. In many cases, the colored inks she used have faded over time.

Coming Soon: Jessie M. King's illustrations to The Rubaiyat and The Defence of Guinevere by William Morris.

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Jessie M. King Art Images

Seven Happy Days

Seven Happy Days is a facsimile of the 1913 special Christmas supplement that Jessie M. King did for The Studio magazine, which was issued in loose paper wrappers. The pastels are photographed, not scanned, to show the silver and gold accents.

The Woodlands

Where the Music Led

Butterflies All Blue

Because the Birds so Sweetly Sang

The Sea Voices

The Tidal Heart of Ocean Beat

The Lambs Play Always

In the Heart of the World

A Boy and a Girl and Love's Delight

Love's Golden Dream

A Little Dream for Thee

Song of a Nest

God Walks in Mine

The Garden

Now a Carol of the Moon

A House of Pomegranates

A House of Pomegranates

Illustrations to A House of Pomegranates, Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales dedicated to his wife, Constance.

You can also read the fairy tales with the original Jessie M. King illustrations to A House of Pomegranates and the original Charles Robinson's illustrations to The Happy Prince and Other Tales.

A House of Pomegranates: Title Page

The Young King

Bare Limbed and Pipe in Hand

In a Deserted Churchyard... Beyond the City Gates

A Few Bubbles Where He Sank

It was Like the Face of an Angel

The Fisherman and His Soul

A Spray of Wild Hemlock

And Lo, the City Lay at my Feet

I had Never Seen Anyone so Pale

The Soul in the Watered Garden of Seven Terraces

Her Face was Veiled but Her Feet were Naked

Like a Flower it Tossed on the Waves

The Birthday of the Infanta

The Little Princess had Always to Play Alone

Crouched in the Hollow of an Old Oak Tree

His Dream

The Star Child

But Only a Child Who Was Asleep

And Being Weary She Sat Down Under a Tree to Rest

The Garden of Black Poppies

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God Walks in Mine The Heart of the World The Tidal Heart of Ocean Beat Because the Birds so Sweetly Sang The Soul in the Watered Garden of Seven Terrances His Dream

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